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Long Time Observer, long time sufferer, first time poster

Hey acne.org, I'm gunna try and sum up my acne life here. help is appreciated

I've had acne since grade ten, three years now. At first it wasn't too too bad. In grade 11, when it started getting worse, i turned to proactive, no suprise here, it didn't work. Durring this time i was smokeing weed pretty much everyday. I then turned to clean and clear advanged acne solutions (i think that's right). Once again, no sucess. After this i turned to the docs and went on a topical and retin-A cream. No luck.

This is where i started going buck on trying to correct my acne. I turned to Spectro, the whole line, face wash (for blemish prone skin), cleansing pads, and bp gel. I discovered that any sexual activity at al flares up my acne, even just macing with the girlfriend, but after "abstenance" of a week or so it'll start to flare. I'm still on my what i'm calling, spectro phaze. I take vitamin A, B, C, D, E, calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, evening permerose oil, centrem protegra, saw palmetto, super apple cider viniger, Omega 3 6 9, and alpha lipoic acid. I go to the gym ever other day and follow it up with the sauna. I've pretty much cut meat and dairy out completely except for a glass of milk after the gym and some chicken or othermeat at dinnner. I don't smoke anymore, i eat at least one apple a day, i drink 4 glasses of green tea a day, i drink four bottles of water a day and 2 bottles mixed with lemon juice.

I'm honestly about to say screw it and just do nothing, it's getting tiresome and although it's not as worse as before, there are consant breakouts and it's not worth it.

and that's my story.

p.s my acne was moderate but now with all the s**t i do i'd say it's mild

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Hi, AirKyle. It's extremely frustrating when we do all of the "right" things and acne still plagues us. Welcome to acne.org. You'll find a lot of support here and hopefully some answers. :) Take care.

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