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'Strange' Looking Oily Skin Problem

First post here :)

Hi guys, I'm an 18 year old Male, who once suffered from the occasional breakout, but using the DK regimen I've managed to stop any form of acne coming back.

My problem now is that my nose (and only my nose!) is getting extremely shiny, and waxy looking after I've washed it. It's quite hard to explain, but instead of looking clean and fresh after washing, my nose looks extremely... reflective, and the whole surface is completely shiny - and it's now getting a real problem. Throughout the day, my nose does get slightly oily, but nothing I'm worried about. I'm pretty sure that if I cured the shine problem then the oil wouldn't decrease but become much less obvious.

Topical wise, I've tried everything, from countless washes, scrubs and toners, to drinking ACV and pretty much any product that could be thought to reduce oil/shine. Don't be mistaken though, I've used all these products over a long period, and used each for a good few weeks, and nothing seems to have any improvement. I even stopped washing my face with anything for a week and there was no change whatsoever.

However, my parents suggested it could be a layer of dead skin or something like that, so I gently rubbed my nose with a brush, and my skin seemed matte and clean after. I would do this everyday but it aggravated something and now I have a few little spots forming. Not good.

I'm just curious if there's anything that could replicate this action, while not aggravating my skin... And any other tips would be great!


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I don't thinks its the layer of dead skin.. because I used a toner for months and it removes dead skin.. but I think it didn't do anything for my oilyness.. I've heard Milk of Magnesia is good.. I haven't tried that but I think thats my last resort, maybe that'll work for you.

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