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5 Ways to Keep Swine Flu (H1N1 virus) Anxiety in Check

So if you're feeling anxious and worried

about yourselves and family it's completely understandable but it's also important not to let that anxiety get out of control.

Here are some steps to keep your fears under control:

1. Stay grounded in reality. To date most cases reported in the U.S. have not been life threatening (only two deaths). Most

Americans who contract the H1N1 virus have recovered.

2. Get reliable accurate information. Don't make your main information gathering source the main stream media. Unfortunately

the main stream media can have a tendency to bombard you with a seemingly never ending stream of reports. These reports may be

overwhelming and at times somewhat dramatized and sensational.

It's best to get your information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization or any

other credible health organization.

The conclusion: don't get your information from a middle man; go directly to the source such as the CDC.

3. The best reaction to anxiety is action. Along with washing your hands regularly you should go on and live your life. Keep

your self busy by being socially active, exercising, meditating and keeping a full schedule.

4. Communicate with your family. One way of undermining your fears is to discuss the subject with those most important to you.

Communicate with your children about any concerns they might be having. This will not only help them maintain a sense of calm

but it should also help alleviate your own distress.

5. Seek additional help.. If you have very intense feelings of helplessness, anxiety or depression it may be time to seek the

help of a licensed mental health professional. Below are some resources to help you do just that.

Oh, and for some good news: According the the World Health Organization, we are now better prepared for a flu outbreak than at

any other time in history.

Source: *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *

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The cause for concern is not the current strand of the swine flu but whether or not the H1N1 virus mutates and comes back this fall. Currently in the US it's only in the form of a mild case but the H1N1 virus is a variant of the bird flu and several scientists are saying there is a good chance it could mutate and come back in the fall. And if we did have an outbreak of a much more serious strain you'd have to just quarantine yourself in your homes until it was over because the swine flu is not like the common flu we're used to. The stronger your immune system is the harder it hits your body. Most of the victims in Mexico that have died are adults in the ages of 20 to 49 with no other underlying health problems. The reason that that's not the case here in the US is not because we're better prepared to handle the flu. It's because the cases in the US have been much milder. Personally I'm not worried about it but I also know better than to listen to what the WHO is telling everyone. They're just trying to avoid saying anything that might cause people to panic.

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Over-hyped. This forum is about acne. Not flu. Once you reach veteran member status you can post about swine flu or bird flu as much as you like in The Lounge.

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