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New guy hoping to clear skin.

hey guys & gals,

I'll keep the story short. I started with very clear skin with pimples here and there when I was 18 and entered college. Throughout the years with stress and lack of sleep, I broke out and it becamse worse with each year. I am now 22 and with acne all over my face (mild, papules and pustules) and I have decided to start Dan's Regimen to see if it works.

I have tried a mix of doxycylcin pills, BP & Clyndamin mixed together as a regimen and it worked well and I stopped and that was probably the reason why the acne came back.

Just graduated so no more school = no more stress and hopefully my acne goes away. I'm here for the long haul and here to support and hopefully get the best advice possible..



quick q. So I used to just use the clean & clear cleanser in the shower and that was it and then recently I started using the new Neutrogena Acne Stress Control cleaners (2.5% salycyclic acid) and have broken out alot more and skins become bumpy. I checked and the Clean&Clear product has the same type of active ingredient yet my acne was mild on that cleanser. Could it be that that the higher percentage is causing the acne?

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The increase in strength could be irritating your skin, yes. I hope the DKR works well for you. It has brought relief to so many. Best wishes to ya and welcome to acne.org. :D

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