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Body acne mild/bad throughout the years

Ok, I'm finally comming to a forum for some advice on my body acne. To start off I'll say that I have had acne for many years now, ever since I was about 13-14 and I am 28 now. It has gotten progressivley worse throughout the years going from mild to worse at different times. It comes mostly on my upper and lower back and down to my butt, shoulders, neck, face, legs and at times arms as well. This has been an ongoing thing since I was a teenager and is frustrating having tryed a huge variety of topical treatments from pads to creams to face/body wash. Nothing seems to ever work, nothing has ever stoppoed it completely and wiping my entire body with pads and creams just doesn't seem practical. I have never taken anything orally nor have I been to a dermatologist because I cannot afford it. From searching online time to time I have come to the conclusion that my body might be producing to much sebum I think its called. Don't know why or if it's even true. I have also noticed my younger brother who is in his lower 20's also seems to have some nasty back acne at times, so it seems he is having this same problem.

Large to small pimples, sometimes cyst sized ones. Some will be filled with a more liquidly puss and others will be filled with a hard type puss. I know it sounds nasty that is why I want to get rid of this problem badly. I'm pretty sure I don't have rosacea or anything to that affect. I shower once a day and for the most part am generally a clean person. I am in almost constant pain and by that I mean I basically always have open wounds on my back all the time or shoulders and just having my shirt on sometimes irritates them or will pop them. I just don't know what to do here. I'm at a loss and don't know where to turn for help, I really can't afford any medical treatment at this time. I'f I could get some expert advice here I would really appriciate it alot. I can inform you of anything else you need to know about my acne that I haven't said yet. I would even go as far as taking pictures if someone was really into helping me or diagnosing me.

Thank you in advance for anyone responding. I will check back here later on tomorrow night for sure and will respond back to you guys. Thank you very much.

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