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Sports. Facial Redness, Sweating, When to shower...

Hey everyone I am a 16 year old male... I am on Tetracycline 500mg once a day & Tretinoin cream 0.025 at night... Next year I am playing sports... Football, Basketball, & Baseball... I wash my face in the morning but, usually take a shower wash with Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleasner then apply Cetaphil Lotion with jojoba oil, or use Olay Sensitive Skin spf15<----- I don't like it... but, with sports I would be working out after school & then sometimes having games... can I shower twice a day? What about washing my hair twice a day? Could I just rinse of in the shower after a workout then apply more moisturizer on with jojoba oil? Also when I run or do anything my face gets SOO erd and I look all nasty what can I do? I'm desperate... & These last two years of school have to be the best that's why I'm going to play sports! I'm scared cause of my acne... like football all the pads and then the helmets! What am I going to do???? PLEASE HELP! and any advice to improve what I am currently doing to wash my face? THANK YOU! :(

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Hey man. I sound alot like you. When I ever work out, run, or play ANY sports, my face gets very red and sweaty. But it doesn't hurt to take two showers a day. I take a shower in the morning, and when ever I work out or run, first thing I think to do is take a shower.

But I highly reccomend not to cleanse your skin more then 2 times a day. And not to mostirize your skin more then twice if you have oily skin.

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Well I play sports too! All year round! Volleyball, basketball, soccer, so I know what you're talking about. I would say that you could take as many showers as you need. After a game or after you work out, don't let your dirty clothes just sit on you. That totally won't help. You need to get that stuff off. And if like after the game everyone goes out to eat or something. Then you should go to the bathroom and get a wet rag and try to wipe your face or back or wherever you have acne off. To help get rid of your face acne. What I do is... wipe my face off, then apply apple cider vineger on my face with a cotton ball, then put toothepaste on the pimples. It works pretty well. Don't worry about taking too many showers. The more the merrier lol. Also if you have bacne, which is sounds like you don't but might, then just check out my... how to cure your bacne in two weeks or less topic. Hope this helped ya!

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