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May 28: First day on Acne.org regimen(minus acne.org moisturizer; replaced with sensitive skin olay and AHA+).

I guess I will just explain what I am using and my routine for the first post, no results to report on day 1 obviously. :lol:


Acne.org Cleanser

Benzoyl Peroxide

Daytime moisturizer: Olay w/ SPF 15

Night time moisturizer: AHA+

Sidenote: I am also washing my hair with Nizoral shampoo. I gently massage it into my back and shoulders too. Can anyone tell me if its like overkill to use this powerful shampoo and AHA+ on my back and arms?

I will use these products twice a day(once in the morning, then once at night) ; washing my face with Dove sentless soap twice a day as well.

I have tried many different acne medications, creams, etc. Some have worked, others not so much. Went through accutane about 3 years ago(worked amazingly, but the acne came back about 6 months after my cycle ended).

This is pretty much my last resort so I'm hoping for the best. Wish me luck.

PS: I will post pictures in a couple days, no camera at the moment.

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Good luck with the regimen! Just one thing, I know that Dan suggests waiting to add the AHA into the regimen until you've been doing the basic 3 step for about a month. That way it doesn't irritate your skin while your skin is adjusting to the BP.

Also, why would you need to wash with soap twice a day in addition to the regimen? That's going to be extremely drying, and using another product is another variable you can't control if your skin reacts badly. You won't know which product caused the reaction, or if it was a combination of two products, or what. What's your reasoning behind washing with the dove soap in addition to the regimen?

Sorry, I know nothing about nizoral, so I can be of no help in that area :)

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Perhaps you need to stick strictlyto acne.org Regimen, which are :

1) Mild Cleanser

2) BP

3) Oil Free Moisturizer

And also, please take note of :

1) Wash your face maximumTWICE a day

2) Not to add on any other products when you are just onset of Regimen.

Check out [ This Page ].

Hope it helps.

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