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Well i have followed this site for as long as i started having an acne problem (October 08). I am 28 years old in the military and live in Minot, ND. I have had very minor acne all my life, the normal was maybe like one pimple here or there once every couple of months. Since October thou i started having sever breakouts that only occured in my chin area, mainly located in middle between corners of mouth to bottom of chin on both sides. Around begning of year i started getting acne on cheeks jus under eye against nose. Never inflammed there thou just a little redness with a few small whiteheads. My chin area is the one that always gets pretty red and inflammed. Before October i use to use Clean and Clear 10% BP as a facial wash in shower and never even had dry skin from it. That kept me pretty clear for the most part when i was getting very minor acne here and there. Then i just broke out one day and have been trying to recover ever since. I have went to the dermatlogist and got prescribed benzaclin and minocycline for treatment. That seemed to be doing the trick first month or so then acne just came back as it seemed my body got use to the meds. My skin is very sensitive and normally is oily until i use acne washes to where it becomes dry. I bought Cetaphil gentle daily cleanser and the moisturizer and thats all i have been using for the last month r so, along with the benzaclin spot treatment. Benzaclin does work for me at reducing the inflamation and the Cetaphil doesnt irratate my skin and prevents it from being to dry, but i still get pimples to pop up in the same chin are over and over. They will fade and just come right back in a closer spot, i am never 100% clear. My upper cheek area i described like i said isn't as inflammed and bad but it has never completly cleared up either. I went and bought the 10% BP Clean and clear tube again today along with a neutrogena Clear pore astringent to use with the cetaphil moisturizer and going to see if maybe that 10%BP can once again do the trick and keep the majority of my acne at bay. Of course if there are any suggestions of what i can do please let me know, i have been searching the web and reading reviews forever hoping that i can finally find something that works for me and get my confidence back that i desperetaly want back!!!!!

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