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acne disaster (npot that much but still)

I m 13 yrs old and asian. Going to high school and most of the kids in my school dnt got no acne. And i feel that because of acne i am ugly. And with my round head. WHne i was in my hometown i wdidnt have acne and wasnt so worreid but now tht i do have acne my confidence HAVE GONE DOWN WAY DOWN I MEAN. I feel shy and think negative. I never talk to much people in my school. I m using Clean and Clear's Persa Gel 10 (It works a little of my acne have gone down). And i m getting new zits (not tht much only like 1 or 2 at a time). I really want tot boost up my confidence in myself and my appearence. I also touch my skin alot mostly everyday. And i dnt eat tht healthy i eat like pizza or burger at school no vegggies excpet for the sandwich and i drink water everyday too. At house i eat rice and beans and chiken mostly. And for breakfast i usually eat granola bar or skip it. I was wondering

1. Do i have to change my eating habits?

2. Do you know any other stuff i could do to decrease my acne ?

3. Any tips to boost my confidence.

Thank u 4 readin and :pray: plzz help

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I'm not an expert by any means on dieting so I wont even try on that. One thing you definitely need to do is not touch your face ever unless you're washing it. I've also never heard of the clean and clear gel you use either. If you can't go see a dermatologist it basically comes down to alot of testing to see what products work for you. I personally hate just about every clean & clear product I've ever used. The best over the counter product I've ever used is St. Ives medicated scrub but that was just me personally. Some people love benzoyl peroxide products because it works for them, I personally prefer salycic acid products instead. I'm sorry for not giving you a solid answer on any product, it's just you have to go through trial and error to see what works best for you. The only other really good tip I can give you besides not touching your skin is to be very gentle with your skin. When you wash your skin, dont be dumb like I used to be and scrub really hard thinking it's better. Thats probably the best advice I've learned from this site, gently massage the cleanser into your skin and pat dry. If you use a cleaner that leaves your skin dry, make sure you use a moisturizer because dry skin breaks out really easy. Anyways good luck, hopefully some others can give you better help then me but at least I tried. :D

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