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clogged pores, lots of blackheads and bumps under the skin


hey everyone!

im really excited to be apart of this amzing website. all of a sudden i feel like i have some hope!

ive been struggling with acne for about four years now, (im 23) i tried many, MANY, products such as rentin a micro, duac, antibodics, tarzac, birth control, proactive, acne facials, basically i tried EVERYTHING! and i went threw severe depression where i wouldn't want to go to family events, partys, even to the mall cause my acne was so bad i felt everyone was looking at my acne. i had some results with rentin a micro but now i am struggling with really bad blackheads, clogged pores, and now these really nasty little bumps under my skin all over my chin and they just won't go away!!! So just today i bought dan's treatment products and plan on using it with basis bar soap and a very gentle mositurizer. WISH ME LUCK! oh and i also bout the zinc vitamins.

But please someone help me with this tiny little bumps under my skin!

Thanks Everyone!

and remember we are all beautiful!!! :)

god bless

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welcome lovelynicole!! :D

I hope the regimen works for you, best of luck with it! Glad to hear you're feeling hopeful ,this is a great community this site! :D

not too sure on what the little bumps might be, but have a good luck round the forums, Im sure its come up before or you'll find someone who knows!!

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Nicole, I moved your post to the Noninflamed Acne forum.

Take a look at the pinned posts at the top of the forum for some suggestions if the regimen doesn't work out for you.



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