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My Acne--starting Accutane

Okay, well ever since was 11 I have had acne :( It got so bad that I would begin to cry at night, praying to God that it would go away because it made me so self conscious. I am 15, and I attend a private school, where almost 95% of the kids wear little to no makeup because of their flawless skin. I hate having to put on makeup every morning to cover up my acne. I have tried every single drugstore brand product, and finally my acne got so bad that my parents finally took me to a dermatologist. I have used:

-Retin-A cream with antibiotic pill (this was wayy to harsh, didnt clear my skin and left it super dry)

-Differen Cream-Didn't do anything

-Finacea Gel- Cleared up a little, has plateaued recently

My acne isnt as severe as some on this website, but it is VERY persistent. That is why I will be going on Accutane in about a month. I have given up, and this is my last resort. I will post some photos of my skin now. Have a happy, clear day!



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Hi TennisStar94!

My story is so similar to yours. I also hate being one of the few at school who has to wear so much make up, and I never used to think of my self as a "cake face" at all until recently as my skin has gotten quite bad.

I'm also waiting to start Roaccutane in a little bit under a week but I've been waiting for a month, (it goes so quickly!). Hope Roaccutane works wonders for the both of us! Good luck :)

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