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Erghhh the more i know the more i get angry!!!

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Just need a little rant before i pop!

As much as educating yourself on acne can be beneficial i've been finding lately its just making more more angry, frustraited and full of regrets!

I'm 28 now and started to get ance when i was 12. When i was a kid i just took whatever a responsible adult told me as truth and never questioned anything...ahh the ignorance of youth! As i grew i learnt to question it ALL!

If i knew what i know now i would never have taken a single antibiotic or course of accutane and i would never have let the dentist fill my head with bloody mercury fillings! The more i read the more all this shit my body has been filled with ties in with all the ill health i have now!

Its so frustraiting whats done is done, its too late. I wonder if i will ever be able to reverse the damage. I almost wish i was still as ignorant as when i was a kid then maybe i wouldn't feel so full of regrets and anger.

acne has shaped my life, played a massive roll in the decisions i took and led me down a certain path. Sometimes i thought this was a good path and the acne was actually a positive thing but for 6 months now i've been miserable, at rock bottom. how can this possibly be a good path. I feel like acne forced me to take this shitty road and i wish it was never part of my life

To top things off the doctor now insists that i take anti depressants....another load of f*cking pills f*cking round with my body chemistry!

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what ever you do DO NOT take anti depressant pills, my brother took them and had suicidal thoughts, plus fuck pills, everything is psychological.

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i know i REALLY REALLY don't want to take, i'm very anti any form of medication unless i feel its life or death. the docs says because i've been depressed so long its what i need to start to help me get back to norm. My parents are pressurising me now as well, when i say i feel reluctant they get annoyed and tell me i'm not even trying to help myself.

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Yeah, i will never do accutane because the thought of health complications when im older scares the hell out of me. As for fillings, I have a lot, but I dont know if I have mercury ones.. I don't think a lot of kids these days realize that drugs can damage your body permanently. May I ask what kind of health issues you are dealing with?

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They just seem to hand accutane out like sweets these days even to people with only a few spots. I do think people are more aware of the dangers drugs now but some seem to willingly sacrifice other aspects of there health in persuit of perfect skin. A friend recently took a course and her skin is now perfect, the only long term implications she has witnessed so far are a reoccuring eye infection and white patches of skin on her arms. She says these were well worth indurring for perfect skin, i only hope for her sake that it keeps her skin clear long term.

I always thought all my little problems were just random and in no way related but the more i read lately the more they seem to be connected and also tie in with the meds i have taken in the past and the fact i have fillings.

Still have acne


multiple food intolerances

very weak bladder

very sensitive skin

candida issues

skin scars very easily

my hair is much thinner than before i was on accutane

Depression (???)

oww and not long after coming off accuntane i was always getting impetigo and colds.

None of these are major problems compared to what i hear some people have suffered but they are all very niggly and irritating and from what i read may only be the beginning of more serious health problems. I know they can all probably be brought under control with a very healthy lifestyle and diet but its annoying thats its necassary to be so controlling just to sustain 'normal' health.

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