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After trying everything when I was about 13 or 14, I ended up going on accutane. Cystic acne BOOOOO. Of course, it was slightly too late when I started accutane and I was left with quite a few scars. The accutane kicked some ass (though I became quite depressed- the cystic was pretty bad)

Somehow I think I've managed to use it all to my advantage- I think I have a fairly recognizable face, and I'm well read, fun, adventurous etc etc. I love life. But the acne has been slowly coming back over the last year or so. It's semi-painful, a general nuisance, and it sucks and I don't feel like getting any more scars (no thanks, sorry!)

I'm in college and about to turn 22; it's been approximately 7 years since my first course of accutane, and here I am again (after doxy+taz didn't do the trick)

This log is not only for progress plotting- it's for staying sane. I'm almost certain accutane part one permanently affected my personality... it's weird, but i think it made me truly conscious of my surroundings or pulled me out of the pool of sheepdom. Or something.


I'm Zee. (!)

I'm on 40 mg/day for month 1 and it will go up from there. Wish me luck.





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