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Blondinbella blogs: Acne - so what?

Blondinbella is an eighteen year old swedish blogger *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. * , and one of the first scandinavians to make money doing it - more than 750.000 USD a year actually. Her blog is about fashion and oh my, doesn't she look beautiful on the front page?

Well, seems she has her problems as well. Yup, acne. And guess what? Now she's blogged about it, getting instant attention from thousands of readers and media all over Sweden.

Most of you probably don't understand Swedish, so I've translated it using Google Translate (some of it doesn't make much sense, though). Read it and take a look at her picture.

This is what we need. What do you guys think of something like this?

*Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *

(check out the front page as well to see the difference between reality and what people see online)

Yesterday I talked about what prevents us from being happy. I received lots of responses and the top three was that you wanted to lose weight, get better skin, find a boyfriend / girlfriend. Do you know what has prevented me earlier? My acne! Since I was twelve years old, I have suffered from a heavy acne - and tried to do everything to remove it. Some days when I was younger, I could choose to stay home from school because I thought I looked like a monster. And as I grew older and met guys, so it was a celestial Mecca when you slept over for the "better" before he woke up.

Until a year ago exactly, so I thought that if "my skin would be good", then I would be happy and my life would be perfect. I started doing facial treatments and improved but not quite as good, then I understood how common it is with acne and that I really can not help it. One day, I had enough after I had been on a treatment. Instead of taking a taxi home so I went down to the subway UNVARNISHED, after a treatment. I thought people would laugh at me, but they did not. Nobody cared at all. I realized then that everything was in my own head.

Today I have accepted my skin. I think I look beautiful regardless of my skin flare up of Finns now and then when I get stressed, I can not do anything about it. Why then go around and find that I'm ugly? When you think about it clinically it sounds so amazingly lame. The few red dots prevents one from being happy, is not it completely insane while children around the world are dying of hunger?

Sure, I choose to disguise me on days that I feel more comfortable that way. But if I walk past a mirror during the day and see that some dots protruding from, I will not go home and cry and think I look grotesque. I refuse! I am far too smart and amazing for some dots to be able to define me. So you have acne as obstacles to be happy? Delete! Today bother me not one iota, I am beautiful and good in all cases! So on with self-confidence, happiness is not in good skin, never forget it.

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She seems pretty down-to-earth and awesome. We definitely need more people like this. Thanks for posting. :)

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