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Milk protein and acne

For 1,5 months ago I stopped eating dairy products and my acne has cleared. I'm curious to know if it is any special substance in the milk or yogurt that triggers my acne?

I work out a lot and recently I brought a protein supplement and didn't read the ingredients carefully and I saw now that it contains milk protein. Is it the milk protein in the dairy products that cause me to break out?

Thanks in advance.

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The hormones in the milk is the most likely cause for acne. Cows produce a natural hormone in their milk that helps the calf to grow. I know pregesterone is one such hormone found in milk. Dairy cows today are also injected with another growth hormone called rBGH which stands for Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone. It is a genetically engineered copy of a naturally occurring hormone produced by cows. It's suppose to increase milk production by somewhere around 10-15% but it may be even more than that today. The use of rBGH on dairy cows was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in late 1993 and has been in use since 1994. So the added hormones that you're getting from dairy products is just one thing that can cause your body to get out of hormonal balance and result in acne.

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Yes, if you are allergic. There are many ways milk can contribute to acne. It isn't the same for everyone.

Yes..it's true..it is different for everyone. I am vegan and not only do I not eat any dairy, but I also eat very healthily in general and I still get break outs. I think it's a sensitivity or allergy to dairy that can cause acne. It may do nothing to some people, and stopping dairy consumption may not help at all if that's not what is at the root of the problem.

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