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I am a 39 year old female. I've suffered from a range of severe acne to mild/moderate acne pretty much since puberty. In my teen years I self treated my acne with a benzoyl peroxide regime that I found in a book at the library. This cleared up my acne very well and then later I went on an antibiotic called Myocin for maintenance (they stopped selling the benzoyl peroxide product I used). This worked well for me until my early 20's when I had a reoccurrence and nothing seemed to work. I became severely depressed because of my acne at this time. Finally I found a doctor who put me on acutane. Worked like a charm for me and I had clear skin until my mid 30's. I've used birth control to control my acne for the last 4-5 years as well as Retin-A and various topical acne products. However, in the last 6-10 months I've been experiencing an increase in my breakouts and the severity of my breakouts. Most of mine occur along my jaw line and also on my back. I also began practicing Bikram yoga about 4 months ago which I suspect might make it worse (it is in a hot and humid room). So, now I am on the hunt again for a method to control this acne. I know that benzoyl peroxide works for me as I've had success with it in the past so I am optimistic that this regime will be successful as well.

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