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I have been battling with acne since the age of 14 and I just turned 25 two weeks ago. Need a once and for all solution!

So here I go. I recently started going to a new dermatologist (about 2 months ago) who claims to specialize in darker skin tones, etc. So the first day, she gives me the usual 5 minute scanover and says...hmmm, yeah, have you thought about accutane? (Such a lovely hello!) But what they hey...we get used to these questions now, don't we? I told her I want to try one last thing before I start on tane.

We went through a 2 month regime of Solodyn (90 mg/day), Epiduo (at night), Benzaclin (morning). There was quite a drastic improvement which then plateud after the 2 months. Now I still get the usual hormal cystic bumps that I can't seem to stop. So last week was my 2 month appointment and my derm say...okay, let's talk. I have decided to take the jump into tane. I heard about all the side effects and honestly I am just exhausted at this point.

So I had my first blood/urine test done this week. Have to wait a month now for the next test and then hopefully start. Until then, I have to stop using solodyn but can continue with the topicals. Plus I have a cousin's wedding in two weeks, so I hope stopping solodyn doesn't make my skin go crapola on me!!!

Also, my derm prescribed YAZ as my primary birth control...Has anyone used that without bad results? It seems to have made the skin worse for many.

Will keep you guys posted. In the mean time, gonna enjoy the lovely summer festivities around the city...a new fossil exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History ( I know dorky..but so neat!!!) :razz:

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Only been a day since I last posted.

The weather is so blah in the city today! But I am loving my new apartment and my new roommates. One came home last night venting about her day and then came out of the bathroom fussing about this pin sized "zit" on her chin. HAH!!! Gotta love it. :think:

On the plus side, Prince Harry ( :wub: ) is visiting our hospital today to see the Veterans. :dance: The word on the street is, he is going to tour the prosthetics department which just so happens to be right across the hall from my office?! I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need to get my camera charged for random meetups in the hallway. :whistle:

Still waiting on the derm's office get me started on ipledge.

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