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Meladerm and Red Marks: Need Advice! Please Help!

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So after your read this, you're probably going to call me an idiot for bringing this on myself, and I would agree 100%!

I had a really nasty red mark that I think was partially a bit of hyperpigmented scarring on my forehead. After doing a good bit of reading on different products that could be used to help fade this red mark, I decided to try using Meladerm: http://www.civantskincare.com/products.html

I applied Meladerm 2x a day on the affected red mark, like the product advised, and avoided sun exposure. After about a week, I noticed a very serious reduction in the hyperpigmentation of the red mark. I was extremely pleased with the effectiveness of the product - and that's when I noticed the problem.

When I was rubbing the Meladerm cream into the red mark, I would inevitably get some that "spread" beyond the area that was the red mark, to the surrounding skin. I should clarify that I am caucasian with a naturally light skin tone - I look like a ghost normally if I do not tan, and I am currently very pale. After about a week of use, I noticed that the Meladerm cream had not only faded the hyperpigmentation of the red mark - it had also faded the pigmentation of the surrounding skin where the cream had been spread to!

Inadvertantly I had managed to fade a large semi-circle around the red mark on my forehead, to the point where the lack of pigmentation actually was easily noticeable in most lighting and the skin within the circle is much, much lighter than the rest of my skin.

As soon as I noticed this and realized my stupid mistake, I stopped using the Meladerm cream. The red mark is now very, very faded, to the point where I am quite pleased with the results, but now I have a ridiculous "white spot" on my forehead which is quite noticeable and frankly looks worse than the red mark did.

My question is - has anyone ever had an issue with a skin lightener such as this, and were there any products, such as exfoliants, that could be used to speed up the process of the skin returning to its normal skin tone? I've done a lot of thought on the issue, and I'm wondering if a mild skin peel of some type, perhaps lactic or glycolic acid, would help exfoliate the skin cells and get the "normal" skin tone back sooner?

For the record, I did contact Civant (the makers of Meladerm) about the issue and they said that normal skin tone would return in about a month after ceasing to use the cream. It has been 2.5 weeks since I've stopped using Meladerm and so far there has been no noticeable improvement to the skin tone.

Thanks again for any advice or help you may have!

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Anyone out there with any good advice?

I'm not sure how good of advice this is but maybe try dan's AHA + or the ACV method for exfoliation. Also, did you just use the meladerm on just that mark? I just got meladerm myself and have been using it on several of my red marks. I obviously havent noticed anything yet because it's only been a day but I'm gently rubbing it on my skin and if it spreads onto non red mark areas I just wipe it off. Also would you recommend me to keep using meladerm and how long did it take to see results?

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I apparently had an extremely good and quick reaction to Meladerm ("good" meaning that the reaction occurred abnormally fast, my skin type is apparently a good responder to lightening agents like Meladerm). I saw a noticeable difference after 7 days' worth of use, with two applications per day. Unfortunately, that's when I saw the difference in the "patch" to which I had applied the Meladerm cream.

I actually contacted Civant, the makers of Meladerm, and inquired as to how long it would be for the lightening effect to fade. Their response was that the skin should return to its normal skin tone in around a month. It's been nearly a month and the skin tone is getting somewhat more "normal" but still has not improved a whole lot. I have not attempted to use any AHA or peels on the area, mostly out of fear of somehow making it worse.

It looks pretty awful, let me tell you. Anyone who has any ideas as to how to help, I'm willing to think about trying anything.

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