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I'm scared of IPL

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Hey everyone, I'm new here and would like some honest, if not also professional information about IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatment.

I have moderate-severe acne and I've had it for about 6 years now. I would of course like to get rid of it, but I've come to live with it because I've tried other over-the-top things to no great avail (yes, I've tried proactive and it didn't work).

My mom took me to this small place in the city run by an esthetician. Before IPL she actually rubbed all kinds of cream/antibiotics on my face to "kill the bacteria". They burned like fire (which of course raised my suspicions). Then she proceeded to IPL, which to my sensitive skin really hurt. Then she put on some cooling cream and what not.

It's been exactly 7days, I haven't seen any progress, especially when people have said they've noticed differences since the day after. Sure it was one trial, but there is still some patchiness to my skin that makes me skeptical, and the skin still feels tight and rather uncomfortable. None of the redness has really died down either.

I'm 21 so I have a young face, which makes me even more scared of screwing up my face forever. I really do not want to screw up my face. I don't want my face ruined forever, and I don't want to take a risk in something that's still relatively new and for which there is still so little information. I want to remove it sure, but I'd rather live with it than turn out to look like Michael Jackson. It just seems like all these things they're doing to my face doesn't seem healthy and safe; it's rather excessive and overwhelming to me.

I'm Asian and have somewhat tanned skin, though not remarkably.

Any advice and/or comments would really be helpful. Thank you!

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My recommendation is to see a medical DERMATOLOGIST. Not an esthetician. I'm not saying that there was anything wrong with the esthetician's treatment, but she has limited machines & treatment options to help treat your skin. A doctor will have medical training, more experience, and a larger repertoire of treatment options available to help you. There are medicines which might solve your acne from inside, rather than performing something superficial on your skin.

Often good dermatologists need a referral from your family doctor .... other areas have Acne clinics with no referrals necessary. Trust your gut - if you're skeptical about the treatment or the training of the staff member performing the treatment .... stop the process and get a second & third opinion.

Good Luck!

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I really do not think IPL or any procedure with just light treatments will screw your face up, I'm a 22 asian male and just had my first isolaz treatment last thursday, I have moderate acne centered around my cheeks and chin.

They probably did a glycolic acid peel on you, thats what they did for me. It tingled/burned a bit, but thats part of the process. I did start seeing results 2 days after but most of these treatments alot of people don't see results until their 4-6th treatment.

I really don't think they can do any serious harm to your face, its only light treatments, at most itll turn your face red for a few days.

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