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whats your fave eyeliner?

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I like MAC fluidline blacktrack? What's wrong with it? With a primer, it stays on all day.

Revlon colorstay liquid eyeliner is good as well.

Theres nothing wrong with it but I have a hard time applying it and Id like to know what people use. My eyes are very small and I have very small lid space. When I apply the fluid line, it takes up more than half of my eye and then you cannot see the eyeshadow very well. http://img504.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dsc00243g.jpg this is without eyeliner. Excuse the overplucked eyebrows.

I personally don't think your eyes are small. However, when you look straight with your head straight your lids aren't as visible, is that what you mean? I kind of have the same thing but that doesn't stop me from using eye makeup! Besides, in pictures and in the mirror you might not see all of what you apply but in real life we're always looking down or have our heads angled in which case eye makeup is way more noticeable. I would say just use what you like, find small brushes/applicators if you want, and just have fun with makeup you like

No what I mean is I have very small space between my lid and my brow and my eyes are very small. Even if I apply a thin line, it closes my eyes off and you cannot see the eyeshadow

My eyes are on the larger size but I have the same problem with the small lid. I only either apply eyeshadow or just liner never both becuase you can only see one and not the other.

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Hi gals! Im very new to eyeliner and I need suggestions. So far Ive only tried MAC graphic black eyeliner and black track fluid line. Whats your fave eyeliner?

Bobbi Brown gel liner with their eyeliner brush. Stays ALL day, no matter what. Perfect line, thin or thick, you cannot mess it up. Tons of colors to choose from, love their Black Plum Ink~ Used to use Mac and have thrown it away since using Bobbi Brown.

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Guest missyjean130

I can't apply liquid eyeliner,it looks like poo when I try.

I love covergirl,the one with a smudging sponge at the end.

I'm cheap but it works =P

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I love Meow's "Feliners". They're loose powder, so they can be used for pretty much anything -- Eyeliner, eyeshadow, even blush, or mixed with clear nail polish. They're very pigmented, so even a $1.00 sample size will last a long time. I love Tail of Woe (silver) for a everyday look, or Neurotic (black with stunning hints of green and blue) for more drama. Both look great wet or dry.

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Hot Topic eyeliner is cheap and works well, but the pencils don't last long because the eyeliner begins to smudge when you put it on. But, it's cheap enough so you can buy more of it.

A brand called Urban Decay has the greatest eyeliner in the best shades. It's sixteen dollars though.

I love Revlon eyeliner because there are lots of colors, it's affordable, and you can put on a lot and it doesn't look like you're wearing a lot. It just looks good.

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I like MAC Powerpoint pencil. It goes on very smoothly, smudges up well, and stays put nicely. Sometimes to make it look smudgier, I use black eyeshadow over it.

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