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So yeah :]

I decided to switch to BHA since i heard it works a lot better in going deep into skins oils and unclogging the pores. Also works well on Blackheads.

Will be BHA 2x a week, AHA 2x a week.

Anyone know where i can buy a good brand AHA and BHA? Might just continue to get the one from Dans website for AHA.

Anyone know a good moisturizer that stops oil glands from gushing out oils? lol.

!!!! Never mind :D, just got 2x 4oz of Paula's Choice 2% BHA Gel !! I heard great reviews on this item, also gets rid of my problem with oil glands.

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haha, yeah i hope so.

Many people got the Liquid type, i on the other hand, gotten the Gel based.

It shouldn't waste as much as liquid since it doesn't go all over the place.

Let's hope it has the same outcome.

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Mhm, yeah i heard it's a little more drying, but it has a lot more benefits than AHA since it actually syncs deep into pores and fight those oils.

I'll just have to see how it goes.

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There's also Dan's BHA tester product, which is similar to the AHA lotion in consistency. http://www.danielkern.com/product-p/salacid-6.htm I like it a lot and have found that using it in conjunction with BP has reduced my non-inflamed chin and jawline acne. I used to have non-inflamed bumps that lasted for months, but the BHA seems to make them disappear quickly, and I have only a couple at a time rather than a half dozen or more. The main drawback to it in using it in place of the AHA+ is that it's not very moisturizing and I have more flaking.

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Yeah, i'll be doing AHA one night, and BHA the other to reduce flake.

I just needed BHA from Paula's due to my skin being Normal sometimes and burst into Oily skin.

Being safe comes first, so i doubt i want to test a product for $17 even though it has a 1/2 timed release.

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