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Anyone else very bored over the summer?

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Sooo I've been on summer break for about 2 weeks now and my daily life is a little less than exhilarating. There are a few things I could do (like practicing music and going to the gym) but it's actually a bit hard to motivate myself to do them. My brother is also going to be in a different city for the rest of the summer (except maybe a few days next month) so it will be just me and my mom in the house. I DO have goals this summer but part of me wishes I had some friends or something. I've got a boyfriend but we don't really talk every day and I know I can't depend on him to be my sole support system.

Furthermore, my sleeping habits are out of whack. I often stay up until 6 or 7am then crash until 3pm or later. By the time I wake up it feels like too much of the day has gone by to do anything very productive. All of this being said, I've wondered if I may be suffering from some sort of mild depression..... or, perhaps this is something that can be fixed if I can motivate myself to get out there and do more things. (BTW... yea this isn't about acne but it's emo. if you think it's better in the lounge you can go head and move it).

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I personally feel as if you aren't in a depression, but I am no expert. Monotony can just get boring, and I think maybe all you need is a new hobby. Lots of places offer summer classes, from fitness to art to recreational sports. Then you could do something new and maybe meet some new people.

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At least you don't have friends you don't like. I've been known to see my best friend calling me and actually get into the shower so I can pretend I didn't see it and not answer my phone... why do i do that.... = /

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