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Hi there,

Can someone here recommend me an effective oily skin treatment? I've done 2 Accutane courses and it didn't help oiliness at all. I use Clean & Clear Shine Free face wash and oil blotting sheets, doesn't help much either. So is there anything else I can try? I'm 23 years old btw. Thank you.



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Yeah, two courses of accutane didn't do a damn thing for me either. But my formerly grotesquely oily skin is now fairly normal after diet changes (see Signature). Before the diet changes, I tried zinc along with B-complex and C and it made my skin a lot less oily.

Both take a little time though. In the meantime, you can try applying milk of magnesia topically to absorb oil. In addition, the magnesium is absorbable through the skin and is also beneficial to skin and health. There's a lengthy thread on it in the cosmetics forum.

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my opinion is that facial cleansing only serve to re-inforce a common problem. You will need to find the right cleanser thats suits your skin that will reduce oil and does not irritate the skin. If it made you dry, make sure apply a very small amt of moisturiser to avoid dryness that causes break outs.

your eating habit is very important, along with the vitamins recommended above. What I would do,

- reduce dairy

- reduce sugar especially drinks

- regularly drink water (if you could afford, mineral water is the best) until pee is light yellow everyday.

- reduce fast food

- reduce factory packed chips/crackers/sweet biscuits etc

- take more fruit & vege? lol its a typical one but yeah, helps to curb the problem a bit.

I know it sounds ridiculously hard but well worth a shot to see if it works for u.

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