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King of shaves XCD for MEN

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Has anyone seen or tried these products (http://www.xcdskn.com)? They are pretty interesting and highly rated facial products for guys, particularly the perfecter, which improves skin tone, smoothness, reduces redness and is also mattifying. They are a little bit pricey BUT they don't cost as much as many other ranges and at the end of the day we all know how important our skin is to us and therefore are prepared to fork out a bit if we are in the position to.

That aside, from looking at the ingredients, is there anyone who can tell whether or not these would be suitable for using in conjunction with Dan's regime/BP in general?

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I`m also interested in this product line, i`m emailing with the lady from the company and will buy the product, i will let you know what i think of it.

Where can you see the rates given ?

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I just quickly browsed through there website... and from the ingredients I can tell you right now to not waste your many and the damage to your face.... what Perfecter Smoothing and Mattifying Gel consist of is 3 types of silicone and Alcohol and Fragrance... to make it worse, Alcohol is the second ingredient... so if you were to use this in conjunction to BP Gel, you'd be burning your face off....

I hope this helps....


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I got an answer back, and it looks good to me, anyway, i ordered the product line and will write a review when i use the products for a week or so, so stay tuned :o)

This is what the friendly lady wrote to me :

I have read the comments below, and whilst I understand what he is saying - he

is incorrect in his statements. Alcohol Denat is included in some of our

products - but it is not a true alcohol, so will not be drying on your face.

These alcohols are used in cosmetics as solvents, or preservatives. Denat means

denatured - basically that the true alcohol is removed. We are very aware that

alcohol has a drying effect on the skin, so we avoid using it.

As to silicones - think people get confused with what silicones are. Cosmetic

silicones have no harmful effects that we are aware of. They are not readily

absorbed into the skin - in fact they sit on top of it. So, I am not sure what

the issue that this chap is referring to is.

The XCD range is also non-comodogenic - so will not block your pores - which

makes it safe to use for people with acne.

I hope that this answers your questions, but if you need any further assistance,

please let me know.

Best regards,

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