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Hey thought I'd drop a note of hello :D

I emphathise so so much with a lot of what you're saying. Especially the camping, swimming, staying over, make-up stuff. It's astonishing how acne and all it's spin off issues can affect so many aspects of your life.

I'm 24 and have been suffering from acne ever since I was 16. Started my course of Roaccutane 8 weeks ago and although I've not had any improvement to speak of as yet, I'm placing a lot of hope and faith in this drug.

That book sounds interesting... you'll have to post a review when you're done :D

Good luck with your course and **fingers*crossed** for clear skin for both of us.

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Hi, we have a lot in common. I am also 32 years with a daughter and suffered with acne since I was about 10 or 11 years old. I had acne on arms, chest, forget my back (terrible) and of course face. I also refused to go to places where I had to show more skin than usual. I am finally becoming comfortable being in my own skin.

hope the best for you with your course!!!

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Hey English_Rose. Sorry for the belated response but I've been stuck with my head in the books for the past few weeks... boring!!

How exciting now you've started your course! It's the beginning of the end :D

So much of what you say strikes a chord with me. For example, the mirrors and makeup mask stuff. I go through life deciding which mirrors are 'safe' (mainly the ones at home) and ones that I know will make me cry if I even attempt to look in them (airplanes, dressing rooms generally harsh light).

But... I truly believe that this is it now...we've both put ourself on this medication and it will work even if it has to take time. Can you tell I'm in a good mood today?! haha!

Just remember as well: an IB is by no means a certainty. I dont think I had one (my skin has just stayed at a steady level of what I've been used to for the last few years). So **fingers**crossed** for you on that account,

Take care.


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hi rose, remember we have to be super patient while taking accutane.. i'm also stressing myself out cuz i've got a deadline to accomplish with clear face and this tane 'seems' not working.. we should give it some time tho... good luck girl :)

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just wanted to wish you good luck with the Iso. I just finished a 16 week course a couple of days ago, and I'm clear, just waiting for some redmarks to fade completely. :)

Sounds like you have things under control, keep controlling those picking urges, and I'm sure you'll have amazing results by the time you're done!

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Rosie, thanks so much for posting in my log today. Greatly appreciated. I've really enjoyed reading through your log. Really sweet. I wish you the best for everything. Given time, we'll beat this thing. I'll keep popping in from time to time to see how things are going for you.

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Hey English rose,

glad to hear things are getting better for you... hopefully you will be all clear and able to enjoy all the things you have had to miss out on soon :dance:

I have a question for you, you mentioned you had acne when pregnant... I have the worst skin I have had in my life in the last 6 months of bineg pregnant and am unable to do much about it but it is getting to the stage where I have taken time off work and pretty much sit at home and cry all day (cant be much good for the baby!!)


Would be good to hear from you if you had any respite after you gave birth from acne... did things get better in the 3rd trimester- any ray of hope will do!



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Hi ac_m, I'm sorry to hear you are having a difficult time. Pregnancy can be difficult with all those hormones running around not to mention all the emtional stuff you go through and all the changes that take place at home, work etc in preparation for the baby. And then there's the acne - whoever said pregnant women bloom and glow certainally didn't see me!

I used topicals during my pregnancy and homeopathy and more natural orientated stuff, basically I gave anything a shot if it was safe for me to do so.

I know it can be hard but please try to stay happy and I am sure that once you have your baby things will improve xxx

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