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My flaky skin

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Ive said about my skin been flaky on here quite alot, and its so frustrating. Here is a picture of my nose just after a slight run of my nail along it....


Regarding the no fat thing i struggled and my face did get abit worse, i suspect it was due to the amount of strawberries as i think they make me breakout but i just gave up quickly. Its something i would like to try again but at this time i dont want to be breaking out. So im kind of stuck at the moment and not sure what to try, anyone managed to succesfully sort out skin like in the picture above?


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are u using any topicals?

Nopes, when i do i usually break out more and it makes my skin feel even more tight.

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Have you tried using a pH balanced cleanser or toner?

Yup, ive used many products but they are all to harsh for my skin as its always so dry. Everything i have used just makes my face have a tight greasy feeling and i havnt ever found anything to improve my skin. I dont think any product ever will really, its due to some internal problems but im not sure what.

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Have you tried the paleo diet or something similar? (no starches)

how would that work ?

I have no idea if it would work for this particular condition. I just know that people have gotten rid of not only acne but also some other skin disorders with diets like the paleo diet or specific carbohydrate diet. There was a poster on here before who said it got rid of her seborrheic dermatitis. Different skin disorders can occur from intestinal dysbiosis, and these diets generally help with that.

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Just a thought:

When I started taking Fish Oil capsules and other Omega Oil supplements, areas around my nose got a lot more greasier. I'm not exactly sure if it was from the supplements (I have since stopped taking them but I still have oily skin on my nose area). Try it out, it gives your skin a nice glow to it and may help with the dry flaky-ness.

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