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Travelling on a long flight what should i do HELP!

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Ok, does anyone have any suggestions on what to do when traveling overseas on a long flight i mean 24hrs of flying! I'm in a bit of a panic!!!!

I know the airlines only allow you to take 100ml or less on board in your carry on and even then has to be in a sealed plastic bag. I'm thinking i should be able to just buy travel containers and put only what i'll need for the trip in them. Of coarse doing it this way they won't be labeled so i hope i won't have any problems going through security with it.

Has anyone had to do this before if so what did you do? Any recomendations?

My skin is starting to clear so well i don't want to back pedal by stuffing up the regimen just cause of this flight.

Thanks in advance!

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Well im off to New Zealand soon so a 24 hour flight as well!

When i last went on a long flight to Australia i just took face wipes. they take all the dirt and make-up off. lot easier and quicker than fussing around in those tiny loo's trying wash your face.

i wouldnt take any spot treatments as the flight will be very drying to your skin!

take a good moisteriser. maybe a thicker one that you use now as your skin dehydrates so much. im going take my moisturiser and some jojoba oil as i find that really great!

drink lots of water! try stay away from caffeine and alcohol. hard if its free i know! but ur skin will prefer it!

i think Lancombe does some nice creams to hydrate your skin. i used them when i worked as a air hostess.

Hope that helps!

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