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Hi everyone!

My prom is next month and im really worried cos the makeup that ive tried doesnt fully cover the shallow scars that I have from previous acne.

I dont really know how to explain it but you know how sometimes when you apply foundation and some of it kinda gets trapped into large pores or scars? and so i have these random beige dots on my face where my scars are

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should do or any good makeup that doesnt do this and has good coverage??

Thanks in advance :)

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there are so many threads on this in the search bar.

So what? She can make a thread if she wants to!

I really like MAC cream foundations

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Are you light, medium, or dark skinned? Maybe if you find a good concealer to cover the scars? bobby brown has some good ones. If you apply a lot of shimmery bronzer on the tip of your nose, forehead and cheek bone area (will look incredible at night) your scars won't be noticeable, might be because of the way the bronzer/shimmer reflects the light? Your skin will glow! :D

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Indented scars, even just shallow ones, are kind of difficult to conceal. One thing that does help is using a primer. I myself don't use one so can't recommend a good one. But a search will show you many options for primers that members here like, even Monistat Chafing gel!

Powder or mineral makeup is much less likely to collect in the indents and be as obvious as a liquid.

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thanks everyone!

I'm gonna look into buying a concealer and primer and bronzer

Superwuman: im medium skinned and the bobbie brown concealers sound really good, i hope they have samples hehehe

acne_battle: and the mac cream foundation and primer sounds really nice too

Wynne: i dont think monistat chafing gel is available in NZ but thanks for the advice :)

thanks for the recommendations!

and im sorry for adding another topic about covering scars, i just realised that there are more than one threads on it

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