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Excercising make acne worse?

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I was on a vigorous excercise routine before winter hit. It was the kind that would drain you me so physically and mentally, that I was surprised it actually didn't hurt the skin. Winter hit, hibernation time :).

Now that it is warm again, I tried starting up the excercise routine again, but (it could be a cooincedence or no) everytime I do, it seems I have skin fluctuations. They say stress can lead to acne, so working out reduces stress and therefore possibly reduces acne. I understand why working out could either make you break out or help, due to hormones, etc. But, what I would like to know is if anyone else has had experience with acne when they work out.

And I mean acne on the face.

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This has been a "big" problem for me. I used to work out a few years ago, but that was when my skin was bad anyways. Now, I'm more conscious of acne so I don't work out because it seems to break me out. I'm actually going to start working out again now that school is out and I'll report my results. I'm able to stay clear if I follow my diet and not get all stressed out. We'll see how it goes.

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Exercise does not make you break out. Drastically increasing your caloric intake might make you break out, but only at the beginning.

My acne was there when I started exercising. It didn't go away, but it improved. I gained a good 25 clean pounds in one year while maintaining my body fat percentage. It doesn't solve all your problems, but it makes you a hell of a lot more confident.

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I haven't noticed that exercise would make me break out, actually more of the opposite! I guess when i've had a break from my exercise routine and get back to it my skin worsens momentarily, but after a few days it improves (to a better state than it was during the break). That's an interesting point though, how exercise affects hormone secretion and hence could affect acne. But on the other hand i think the increased blood flow that exercise causes would improve the rate at which nutrients are brought to the skin cells and how waste products are moved away i.e. the faster the circulation the healthier skin :)

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"Although exercise like cardio and strength training are extremely important and beneficial for your health they can actually exacerbate acne because they produce male hormones that contribute to acne production. The most beneficial type of exercise for people with acne is yoga. Due to it's meditative and relaxing properties yoga reduces stress and controls cortisol levels."

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