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Dave sHrew

Brevoxyl - Male UK 26

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Has anyone used Brevoxyl as their BP cream?

I have used Panoxyl aqua gel in the past but Brevoxyl seems to be a lot less harsh on my skin, it seems to bleech fabrics a lot less and over all does a better job.

I have suffered from Acne for over 10 years and went on Roaccutane about 8 years ago which did a fine job. Since then my acne has edged it's way back into my life but I feel like I've finally got a grip on it thanks to the advice given from this site.

I've been back and fourth to the doctors so many times but my last visit pretty much made up my mind that I wouldn't go again. His suggestion was that I might grow out of it soon!! Hmm... yeah I expect it's about to completely disappear in the next couple weeks seeing as I've only had it for 10 years... :whistle:

Anyway, he prescribed my BP as I said that this had worked in the past, but the chemist gave me the Brevoxyl cream and it's been brilliant. It's 4% BP.

Other things in my regime that I have found that help..

Washing with pears soap twice a day

Use netrogena day cream as a moisturisor

Wet shave once a day using the pears soap instead of shaving foam

Regular exercise

Plenty of water

keeping away from the mirror

Plenty of sleep

Only drinking alcohol in moderation.

Drinking fruit juices

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hi. i have never used brevoxyl but i must totally agree that panoxyl is damn harsh :evil: i have ordered (online) 4 packs of it and used it 3 times :D anyway i have waisted sooo much money on cosmetisc that i have used 1-3 times .... :ninja:

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