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Any creams to fill deep scars?

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Hi, this is daew.. and this is my first post over here.

Ive been having bad acne since i was around 15 Years old, right now i just turned 23. so that means ive been in hell for about 8 years, without any help =)

The acne is starting to fade off now.. no bad acne cysts anymore, the problem is now the scarring i have, some are deep, some are only visible near mirror =).. my father god acne, my brother got acne...

So before i head out and toss over 1000$ for laser threatments i deciced to try out some gels...

Ive been using contractubex gel with bad results, the skin starts to itch and cant really keep it on my skin long...

Another product im trying now is Elancyl Stretch Mark Concentrate, this is suppose to fasten up the skins natural healing process, no skin itching, which is good sign.

Ive also heard that Rose hip seed oil could help ?

Next thing im gonna try is the Super Copâ„¢ and Super CP Serumâ„¢.

Any advices what to try is welcome, but i believe i end up taking atleast 3 fraxel threatments, unless there is some really effective gel or other method... acids etc

English aint my main language but try to understand hehe..

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sorry no topical cream will help with scarring unless you do something to stimulate the collagen under the scar like needling or dermarolling, then the creams can help aid in collagen production.

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