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James Crute

Break out and jojoaba oil

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I've been using the regimen for about 3 weeks, maybe even a little bit longer. I have followed the regimen exactly, the only thing I could probably improve on is being a little more gentle, I guess I'm just impatient. It's not that I force it in really hard, its just I see my skin move and I think I watched one of Dan's videos saying that your skin shouldn't move when applying product.

Anyways, everything was going okay, I haven't seen much improvement, I think I have a lot of those old acne spots that take awhile to go away. So far, this regimen hasn't worked any better than any other one the I have used, I will emphasis "so far". It has kept a lot of acne from forming but, when I looked in the mirror today I saw about 5 new pimples..

And when I think about it, I just started using jojoaba oil 2 days ago. Could there be a connection? Or could this just be a break out that was bound to happen?

I heard that jojoaba oil is almost identical to the human sebum, is it possible that I used to much and caused it to clog my pores? Isn't it the sebum inside white heads? And most of my new pimples are white heads.

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jojoba oil is not for everyone. I had stopped using a full bottle permanently the moment I felt my skin could not handle it (and that took me weeks of pain to accept that as a fact as I am a desperado as much as everyone else). Remember to trust your face and not the words on the bottle.

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Maybe, maybe not. You can always stop the jojoba for 2-3 weeks and see what happens, then re-introduce it later.

I didn't have a problem with it, but everyone is different.

The white suff is pus. The product of your body responding to bacteria.

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