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URGENT, does the fraxel laser also help with red marks?

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hi, i've already gotten one fraxel treatment done on my cheek for some moderate scarring (it's worked wonders btw)

i'm probably going to get 2 more treatments, but since i went in several months ago for my last one (i recently began breaking out again so i had to postpone treatments. i think i am back to normal now though) i have noticed a bunch of red and brown marks on my cheeks! they're driving me insane and i'm using all sorts of things to fade them (ACV, egg white mask, lemon juice, asprin mask, tazorac, ETC!) but i just feel like the only thing that will knock them out sufficently is a good laser. does anyone know if the fraxel is capable of fading red marks, so i can knock out two types of scarring with one laser?

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in my opinion, for red marks ONLY, fraxel laser is waste of money!

Go for TCA 12,5%, glycolic peels, jessner peels. They all do the job in this subject :)

I readed "wrong" your post. I guess fraxel could help with the redness too, but some people have hyperpigmentation post-treatment, so is a matter of decision.

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hm jessner peels? i've never heard of that. i'll ask my derm about it

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