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My forehead was super clear and super smooth like 1 to 2 months ago. Then, suddenly, these bumps appeared. They're slightly slightly red and very very small and they're all over my forehead, mostly in the center, in like a large circle spot.

I'm cleaning well with a tea tree cleanser (Desert Essence), and I've tried Ziana (didn't really work) and now am using Clindomycin Lotion and a little bit of Retin-A. I tried to use tee trea oil to get rid of them, ziana, aczone, nothing at all...

what would you suggest? Or, just commiserate with me...


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Small, numerous bumps could be pityrosporum folliculitis. It's an overgrowth of the naturally occurring yeast on your skin. It can look like this:


It's important to figure out if you have folliculitis or acne, because regular acne medication does not work on folliculitis and can actually make it worse- it's ironic, but treating acne can actually lead people to develop fungal folliculitis by killing the bacteria that keeps the yeast in check. Try washing your forehead with a dandruff shampoo like Nizoral or Head and Shoulders Classic Clean twice a day (lather, leave it on for 3-5 minutes and rinse). If it's folliculitis you should see significant improvements in a week.

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