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Moderately Oily Skin with Minor Acne

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So my main concern is that I have an oily face, forehead and nose in particular. Up to now I've done nothing special to prevent it as it didn't bother me much, but now I'm noticing that it's shiny in pictures that use a flash, so I want to minimize it. I don't care much what the products do to my acne as I don't do much for my acne and it's not bad--I just want less oily skin. So far what I did was wash my face a few times daily with Cetaphil bar soap, at least that's what I think it is, it's a mild bar soap in any case. I also occasionally rub oil off my face with my sleeve or paper towels. Recently I started using Clean & Clear sensitive skin astringent on my forehead and nose, and lightly on my cheeks as these are the oily spots, and that does a nice job of removing the oil, but even after I do that, my skin itself seems shiny! Maybe it's not getting all the oil, or maybe my skin is just shiny from not being moisturized? I never moisturize my skin. I don't use anything called a cleanser unless soap is a cleanser. It probably takes a few hours for a level of oil to build up that I don't like, but even right after washing my face I think it's shinier than I'd like, so something definitely is missing. Any Ideas?

Edit to add: I just looked at my face closely after removing all oil from it, and it seems my cheeks are a higher quality skin, being softer and smoother and with smaller pores. My forehead and nose have much larger pores and the skin is somewhat plastic like, so it's shiny even when not oily. I think that's a part of my problem. Is it from lack of moisturizing? I never did because I thought moisturizing the oily parts of your face is bad. If I could decrease my pore size to make the skin quality better, I want to do that. I just want nice, soft skin on my forehead too. I think my forehead could possibly be bad from prescription acne cream/gel I used to put on there, or maybe forehead skin is just different than cheek skin--I have no clue.

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