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Captain Charisma

I thought BP prevented new spots from forming?

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I'm on my third week of the regimine so far. A few days ago it looked like my face was clearing up nicely, so I started using BP in the morning as well as the night. This proved to be a mistake as my face started to go a little red again and it stung when I put moisturizer on. No worries, I've gone back to just using it at night.

Anyway, since the time I started using it twice a day (approximately 2 or 3 days ago) I've noticed that I've been getting 2 or 3 new whiteheads each day. I thought BP prevented new spots from forming? How come I'm still getting whiteheads?


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It's normal for your skin to get a bit red and dry when you up your dosage or the frequency of use. Unless your skin is really dry and irritated, I'd recommend using The Regimen twice a day, as it's supposed to be used. Yes, your skin will have to adjust, but that's the way The Regimen was meant to be done.

And you're only three weeks in, so it's normal to still be experiencing some breakouts. The Regimen/BP isn't an instant fix. It takes time to work to its full potential, and you have to be patient. Lots of people still experience breakouts during the first few months on The Regimen.

If you started breaking out after going from using The Regimen once a day to twice a day, you might just be purging. Your skin may just be reacting to the increased amount of BP you're using by pushing more gunk to the surface. It's a good thing.

And keep in mind that The Regimen isn't a cure, it's just a treatment. I've been on The Regimen for almost a year, and I still get the occasional breakout (usually around that time of the month), but the fact that it keeps me clear the vast majority of the time is all I could hope for, and all I expected.

If you're seeing improvement, that's a good sign. Just keep going, and, like I said, follow the directions. Dan didn't write them for his own health. ; )

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