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experiences with tazorac?

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hi there! this is my first post so i'll give you a little intro. =]

i'm 18/f and have been struggling with acne for 4 years now. i have moderate and very persistant comedonal acne. my pores are extremely clogged and i break out weekly.

i've tried tons of over the counter products, spent hundreds on microdermabrasion, & used prescription meds (birth control, duac, minocycline, differin, clindamycin, and now i'm using tazorac.) apparently i'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide so duac horribly irritated my skin and minocycline was only effective for a couple months. differin didn't do anything, clindamycin doesn't seem to do anything and i just recently started tazorac .05 cream a week ago after being on differin for 3 months. i'm so fed up with acne! nothing seems to be working. my acne is soo stubborn! it feels like my skin seems to have a ton of breakouts lined up for 2+years. =[

anyways, have any of you had amazing results with tazorac? has it COMPLETELY cleared you of acne? how long did that take?? (i mean like completely cleaned out your pores and gotten rid of any future breakouts.) and how severe was your acne?

because honestly, idk if i can take this anymore. acne has ruined my life and i'm tired of sitting at home hoping my skin will clear up because NOTHINGS WORKING!!

i think i might just try to get on accutane if tazorac doesn't do anything for me. i'm tired of waiting on products that MIGHT work. i want accutane because i know it will..

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I was put on the same tazorac cream about 3 months ago along with clindomycin lotion. It stopped new breakouts from happening, for me, but it didn't give me the results I wanted. It took a long time to make a difference, also made my skin soooo much more oily.

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