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I've seen a few different people and I saw before when they used to be unhealthy in every form. They were out of shape, ate bad, etc. They had acne and then when they became healthy the acne disappeared.

Makes me feel guilty. I reflected this year I know a little late. I just finally understood I didn't even have to have acne. For me it wasn't the hormones or because I had bad genes. I mean sure I don't have great genes. I realized all the links and it is really making me feel awful. I feel great that I now see it, I can help people, but at the same time I feel like or rather I know I ruined my own life. I never thought of the consequences eating junk would bring me but that's all it has brought me. Depression. I sometimes feel so guilty and full of regrets. It is nice to help people but I wish I could help people without having to be in this state. I wish none of us had to have acne.

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Well, acne is both good and bad. It's good in that, it makes you change your lifestyle to a healthy one (like me) but it's bad in that, it ruins your confidence.

Don't feel guilty. What's done is done. Just stay positive and focus on your future. You can't change your past, UNLESS, some genius invents a time machine

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