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my fear of accutane but finally on it

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hi everyone,

just have to share my experience, it's comforting to know that im not the only one taking oral medications to prevent my acne.

i started taking doxy back in 2006 when i visited national skin centre, and it works really well plus the doctors kept saying that doxy is a relatively safer drug for acne problems. i realised once i stop taking doxy, my face became clearer for a few months before something triggers my acne, and then i go back to square one (those triggers are probably my itchy hands wanting to try new facial cleansers, masks etc. etc.). i have gone through i think about 3 cycles of doxy and yup, it works, but the acne came back.

once, i took diane35 too, and it helped regulate my hormones, but i gained a little weight so after a few months, i stopped because i was paranoid that all these oral medications might affect my fertility in the future. (will it??)

so, riding on my wave of paranoia, i wanted to go all natural. i started taking supplements (basic ones like vitamin e and vitamin c, zinc, multi b) just for that holistic approach. i visited my gp and he knew about my fear for oral meds so he suggested aknemycin plus, which is the liquid version (sort of) of accutane. it contains tretinoin and erythromycin. my gp did warn that i would undergo purging, and purge i did. it was so bad! i suffered about 1 month plus - itching, drying, huge and tiny pimples, basically my face was a wreck. but it wasnt a complete failure though, cos after awhile, one side of my face was 'cured'. it was smoother, and the pores were finer, but the rest were still undergoing the toned down version of purging.

i couldnt stand the severe itchiness (i couldn sleep at night), so my gp got me off it and i started taking accutane. im only on it for two weeks now, and i heard you get initial breakouts from accutane but thankfully i didnt. i think aknemycin plus sort of cleared out the infected pores and pimples, so my skin is so much smoother and clearer, 'cept for some scars. my gp did discuss the side effects with me, and he told me to come back for a blood test and liver test just in case.

i feel scared at the same time though, because it goes against my fertility paranoia but anyone taking accutane could let me know if this is true and if the clearing up is temporary or otherwise?

i have this vague illusion that once my skin clears up, i will stop applying junk to it, eat my supplements and maintain my very oily skin (i have yet to find out how) just to maintain the clear status.

do you think this will help?

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