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The Naturopath Way

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I would like to get some feedback on how well their methods work. I don't want to shell out my money for nothing. Some questions I have are :

  • What is your experience with chinese naturopaths?
  • What have they prescribed you and for what reason? (names of prescription please)
  • What was your acne like before and how has it improved or gotten worse?
  • What was the cause of your acne?
  • How old are you and how old were you when you first started to get acne?

Thank you soooooo much for anyone who deicdes to answer and help me out. I'm in my teens so I'm still at the hormonal stage but I have reason to believe that my acne is caused by an inbalance of my spleen. Most indicators point to it.

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hey i went to a naturopath a few months ago (i was 16 at the time, i believe the cause of my acne was hormonal, i think it still is now but i think the reason it has stayed on is my constant picking and use of alcoholic products :( )and he talked about ying and yang, getting the body's natural processes in order/balanced. He gave me three things to take.

1st was margarite pills that made my face alot softer and the skin felt healtheir, even if it didnt clear up the acne


2nd was a terrible tasting concoction designed to clear out everything like my kidneys and all that jazz. (cant remeber what was in it sorry) I didnt notice any effects from using it but it could have helped with my skin.

3rd were pills for my liver (cant remember the makeup either) which could have helped aswell.

overall i felt healthier inside, and the skin on my face was much smoother and softer to the touch, but i believe because i was pretty healthy to start with it didn't help me as much as it would someone that has a problem with their spleen for example. I recommend trying whatever he/she gives you :) Good luck mate

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