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Best thing that ever happened to me

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Sorry for the really long post

This is just another post about never giving up but I felt I should share my story. I've been an acne sufferer ever since the 4th grade and I'm just now starting to get it about 90% under control at 23 years old. My body has more scars then anyone I've ever seen including on this site.

When I hit the 7th grade and my acne started to get really bad, I became the shyest person I've ever met. All the way through my senior year I constantly stared at my feet, I couldnt ask a girl out to save my life. The only dates I went on were when a girl asked me out or a friend would set me up with a blind date. Needless to say I was looking pretty hopeless to my friends when we graduated and I had very little intimate experiences with women. I still had severe acne right out of high school on my body and face and my life was going nowhere. I didnt end up going to college either so my dating life became very minimal. I eventually got a decent job though which was good but my life was still in the gutter.

At about 21 I really had my facial acne under control but I still struggled with body and neck acne as bad or worse then ever before. By this point I was only in contact with my closest friends, I hardly ever went out and mostly just stayed at home in my room on my computer. My confidence was completely shot as I hadn't even kissed a girl since close to my graduation.

I realized at this point I needed to do something because inside I wasn't happy at all with where my life was going. I decided to take it upon myself to boost my self esteem in any way possible by educating myself better on taking care of my skin, I got a gym membership, and I started to force myself to become more social with those around me.

Slowly but surely my skin started to get better especially after stumbling upon this site, I've been getting in really good shape, and I've become much more social. I know alot of it was because my face was finally clear but it wasnt until recently I've had my body and neck acne under control. I know my confidence was up because I've been flirting casually at work with a girl I'm head over heels for. Even though she was showing all the sign's she liked me back I could never ask her out because of how much I've been affected psychologically by my skin. Just the other week we got in a fight at work because I told her I would do something and I didnt. I'm not used to upsetting a regular friend so easy so it caught me offguard when she ignored me the whole day.

I talked to her the next day outside of work on my computer and told her I was sorry and I didnt mean to upset her, I just had a lot on my mind. When she asked me what was on my mind, I didnt know what to say because truthfully it was her. I decided to tell her I was upset that she was mad at me and that I cared for her alot. Apparently that was the right thing to say because she came out and told me she had feelings for me which suprised me more then you can imagine. With my self esteem being as low as it is, I always told myself she was out of my league and to accept it even though she gave me multiple signs of liking me.

Eventually we hooked up after this came out and being with her has boosted my confidence more then anything in my life. I know this is a really long post but I just wanted others to know even if you don't think much of yourself, you'd be amazed how much other's might think of you. If someone like me with my scarring can get a girl like her with flawless skin and a beautiful face, I'm a believer again that anything is possible. You just need to not give up on life and take action.

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"even if you don't think much of yourself, you'd be amazed how much other's might think of you." I adore this post! thank you for sharing. 8)

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That's a really nice story. It's great to read that you're realizing the effect you can have on others. Our biggest fault is that we obsess over our flaws, and rarely allow others to see the better parts. I've received many compliments on other parts of my body, and I would always ignore them and think of my acne.

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I'm happy for you man :) I wish I can see a pic of your scars because right now, I think my scars is more worse than yours. But like mortals1nners, we do tend to obsess over our flaws because I do get many other compliments like how big I am, how tone my arms are, but I would always think in my head, I'm not that great, I still have these acne scars.

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