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TAZORAC only to be applied on inffected areas?

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My derm told me to apply on inffected areas? Lion posted a great post on "tips for topicals" and said to apply over face. I m confused ....am I using this med wrong? I dont want to have different colors on my face!!!

You see I only break out on my chin, upper lip, and forhead. What should I do? plus Taz dried the crap out of my face and makes me red . Cetaphil helps.

ANd the intrucs on bottle said if it is applied on un-inffected areas it will irritate the skin. So was sup? HELP! :eh:

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Im currently applying in inffected areas only. I put some Taz on my chest 3 2 weeks ago because I had like 3 very small spots,,,i woke up the next morning and and all I can say is AHAHAHAHAHAH!!! MY CHEST WAS RED AND IT HAD TRILLIONS OF LITTLE PUS FILLED BUMPS!!!! And i HAVE NEVER HAD CHEST ACNE!!! That completly dissapered today tho, so i think I am going to follow instructions o nthe bottle and apply only to infffected areas.

Lion that topical psot is awesome! I have googled Taz for days and the info on this web about it is the best, but I strongly feel you should correct the part where you say "Taz is to be applied over your whole face" It can cause severe damage and the bottle clearly not to do that. Thanks! :cool:

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I think I learned that it only helps me to put it on affected areas. On my face I breakout everywhere except forehead so I don't put it on forehead or else I will start to see little red bumps forming after a week .

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