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Syprex /acne scars

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hi to all.

Quick info. Tried countless amount of products on my acne scars over the years. Have never tried any type of treatment such as laser chemical peels as I'm scared of the negative effects on my skin and my scars are on the very shallow, I think I make more of them than I should. Almost every derm or doctor that I have seen has dismissed any type of treatment for them. Not long ago I asked a doctor what can be done about my scars he said that he cant see any, there barely noticeable and that he probably has more.

I know I have scars eventhough they aren't too noticeable but for some reason I cant stop thinking about them.

Sorry for going on . I just wanted peoples opinion on the sycream for acne scars. http://www.syprex.com/acne.cfm. Has anyone used with any success for indented acne scars? The web site is all I could really find info from plus some old threads on the acne.org search. Thanks.

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Creams won't work for INDENTED scars, period. Stop wasting your money, although they are uaually not expensive.

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yup, I should've got the message ages ago :doh:

I was reading a review on Bio-oil, the person was using it for stretchmarks. She mentioned that Bio-Oil contains Paraffinum Liquidum and wrote on how bad this is for the skin.

Its worrying when thinking of the damage caused to the skin by products that are said to help. Form now on nothing...hopefully. Ill try my best. Just water and trea-tree oil for the odd pimple. adios.

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