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PLEASE look over my lifestyle change!

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Okay, so I have posted a few topics lately, but I really need some help. I think for most people, having skin they're really happy with for months and all of a sudden having it go back to terrible sucks. Ok so now I am back home, and my skin has broken out considerably in just the last few days and I wonder what it really is caused by.

I just moved back from school for a few weeks before I move back into my new apartment. I will go over my schedule from this past semester at school, and compare it to now and hope to see someone give a response.


M-Thurs I would wake up at 7. I took my bactrim pill right around 11-12 everyday along with 1 zinc pill and took fish oil for part of that time as well (not everyday). I would apply tazorac probably at about 11-12 PM and usually go to sleep between then. On weekends I would stay up later, maybe 2-3 at the latest but I'd say I'd be in bed at 2 most of the time. I would usually have the same sandwich for lunch and salads for dinner. Needless to say, I didn't eat a whole lot of junk, but I did go out to eat quite often and have burgers sometimes, gyro, hot dogs etc. Other notable things are that I had a filtered showerhead, pretty much the same routine for 4-5 months, I was pretty active working out and playing basketball etc. I used moisturizer and my skin felt dry but not noticeably dry. I lived in the city.

Back home (currently): My schedule now is stupidly going to sleep at like 3:00 AM and waking up at like 12-2 PM just because I want to sleep. So now I take my bactrim pill (for the last week or so) at about 3PM as opposed to 11 or 12. I do not have a filtered showerhead and have not moisturized everyday as my skin is 10 times as oily at home then it is in the city. As far as eating goes, I have had some different things obviously that I have not had in a while. Last night I had a cheesesteak sub, fries, a soda and ice cream. 3 of which I have not had in months (all except fries). I kind of wonder if the ice cream/soda caused more of this recent breakout. But the time change is obvious. But none of this explains why my skin feels oily at home, but dry at school. I live in the country kind of in the middle of nowhere.

The good thing is I move back to school in just a couple weeks, but it just sucks coming home and having my skin make such a drastic transformation in less than a week. Before I had old red marks, but for the most part I had very few inflamed red pimples. I would have some very small ones on my nose, maybe a few red marks on the side of my face and foreheard. But now, I have broke out into probably 6-7 inflamed pimpled around my chin/jaw, like 3-4 pimples on the sides of my nose, some on my nose, cyst of back of neck which i havent had in like 6 months and some bigger spots on my forehead. I even have some spots on my earlobes which i haven't seen in ages as well. It always seems to be the chin though. Anyone see anything here that may be the main culprit of my problem?

Thanks to whoever read this and any help is greatly appreciated

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