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Is all dairy equal?

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Since dairy is known to be a common trigger for acne, I wanted to ask those whose acne IS affected by SOME dairy: do all dairy products act equally, as far as aggravating your acne?

So, for instance, milk triggers acne but cheese doesn't, yogurt does but heavy cream doesn't, etc?

Just trying to see if there's a pattern of which dairy products are worse for people

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It depends on the reason it causes breakouts in you. If you are lactose intolerant, then no, yogurt for example is more tolerable. If you are allergic, you might not be allergic to goat milk. If it's the IGF1 then I think it's equal. Regardless, you should limit dairy consumption.

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I've always suspected I had a mild case of lactose intolerance. I never liked milk that much as a child but my mom forced me to drink it and because I wanted to be "big and strong" I obliged. Yesterday my lunch came with a choice of milk or juice. Feeling adventurous, I chose the milk. The whole afternoon my stomach felt bloated and I was really gassy.

I've started to eat yogurt in the morning but even that seems to not agree with me, though not as much as the milk did.

As with all foods, it's personal. Do some experimenting and try to determine if dairy gives you problems. If not, like alternativista said, don't go dairy crazy but enjoy the occasional milk or yogurt. Or ice cream... :rolleyes:

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