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Always seems to happen like that. Basically, there's this girl I used to know in like 7th grade (I'm in 10th now) back when I had clear skin. We used to be pretty close, but never went out. Now, she's coming back and wants to hook up and what not, but she doesn't know I have horrible acne now.

And even worse, in the past week or so, I've been waking up with like 4-5 new white heads on my chin everymorning. I'm at about 20-25 right now, and they're all dry and nasty and uck ha. I wouldn't be so worried if I just had the semi-severe/moderate acne I had before, but with this I'm super nervous.

I know if I don't go atleast hang out I'll feel bad about myself, but I feel like if I go, she'll think I'm ugly and it will be really awkward.

What should I do? haha

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If it is a huge deal for you, it would be a big deal for her. I know it is hard to understand, but your attitude towards your acne only draws others' attention to your acne. Focus on what you are as a person... I have acne, and I met this guy with angel-like skin... He likes me and he said that it was because of the kind of woman that I am that he doesn't mind my acne or my scars... So my best advice, go out with her, hang out and leave your worries behind... You are too young and you will be fine, trust me :)

Oh, to get rid of the white heads, i put ice over them... It has been working :D

Good luck ;)

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This isn't a random woman you're meeting on a blind date. This is a woman who cares for you. I doubt she would place more emphasis on your skin than you already do. A defeatist attitude won't get you anywhere. The only one that can make it awkward is you. For what it's worth, my brother had severe acne for two years. Acne was never enough to dissuade him from keeping his relationships. Your attitude impacts how others perceive you.

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