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Supposed to play drums for a band tommorow, its there end of year performance exam, and i messaged them before saying that am not going to play for them, and that they will have to do the gig by themselves.

They rang me asking why i wont be turning up, i tried to explain that i have had panic attacks the last few weeks leading up to this performance and that i thought i had it under control. They said they would ring back tommorrow to see if i felt better.

The truth was, my face had been getting gradually worse leading upto the performance, and the thought of getting up infront of a crowd of "hip-cool-fresh-faced-indy-fuckwits" ie students, killed me. so i thought "fuck it"

The crazy part is. that i have played gigs before with countless other bands, even when my face was worse and it never seemed to be a problem, but being at university and having 0 social life, and pretty much hating everyone i come across while being here isnt exactly the time of my life.

and all the while. the only thing i can think of is "IF ONLY I DIDNT HAVE SPOTS''

I fail at grammar btw :(:boohoo:

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John, John, John.. Tsk tsk tsk.

I hope you eventually end up going.. They want and need you bro'.

It's all up to you though. Best of luck with what ever you do.

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You've played at gigs before with acne, so I don't understand how it could be different. Wouldn't performing in front of a new audience provide more opportunities to interact? That's a way to improve your social life. It's not going to happen being miserable in your bedroom.

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i hear ya. i play drums and pass up the opportunity to play cause my acne had gotten so bad.

but you GOTTA! those guys are depending on you. without you, they are going to look even worse. i hope your bandmates aren't assholes.

good luck!

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