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Back and Chest Scaring..

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Hey there, i'm currently 18 years of age and i'm about to see a dermatoligist for Acne of my back and chest. I am looking to take Accutane/Roaccutane to clear them up.

The thing is, where there sort of going already, they have left great big purple/red scars all over my shoulders, back and chest, and I want to know a real good way of getting rid of them that isn't too expensive.

I have been looking into Dermabrasion and it seems pretty viable. The only thing is, it doesnt completely get rid of them so I can get the usual color of my skin back. Aparntly I will need more then one sitting to get rid of the coloring.

Does anyone know of a method to completly get rid of the scaring? I dont really want purple/red scaring all over me. I wanna be able to get my top off in the summers and flex for the ladies :dance:

Thanks :rolleyes:

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I'm in the exact same situation as you. I was taking some medications so I could start taking accutane but my skin is looking really clear right now. I'm half tempted to put accutane on hold and try to get rid of my scars and see how my skin holds up. I'll have to check back and see if you get any good responses since I'm wondering the same thing.

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