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Alright, so Ive gotten about 90% clear avoiding dairy and spicy foods, and just washing with water. but im still getting bumps on cheeks and a couple stuburn pimples on forehead... I have a very fast metabolism and work out 3-4 days a week, I was hearing talk about how bread(gluten) is bad for breakouts. If so, what CAN i eat in the morning, lunch etc. haha, I can't have cereal because of the milk, and now the bread? Just eating 2 apples in the morning with my juice wont give me the energy I need for my day.

I'm very open for suggestions on a diet for people with high metabolisms. Thanks

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You should determine if gluten actually breaks you out before you stop eating it. You're not going to get anywhere with this if you take everyone's advice at face value.

Anyway, there are plenty of starch sources (like bread) that are gluten-free and will help with putting mass on. Rice, potatoes, and legumes are all examples. There's also gluten-free bread.

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Im 18 and I live with my mom, I'm not gonna start making a 100 article list of what i want and that it has to be all natural and all come on. When I move out for university Im probly not gonna be able to be picky on every food I eat. But thanks for the links. And all this holistic take on acne is new to me, I started taking fish oil and zinc and started avoiding spicy foods and milk all at once, which cleared me up for the most part, and its been 3 weeks, so if it keeps clearing up I'll start cutting off other stuff aswell.


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