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sarah kate

The Chapsick Chronicles

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hi, i'm Sarah! (: i'm 5'2" and about 100 pounds, and acne has unfortunately been a pretty annoying role in my life. i've had acne since I was a freshman in high school, and now i'm a freshman in college. i've been on every acne treatment... differin, tazorac, retin-a micro, blue light, minocyclin, doryx, benzaclin, azelex, tons of store bought stuff... everything. and of course, nothing has helped, which is why i'm starting accutane. I technically don't have severe acne, it's more moderate, but my skin takes ages to heal.

on a non-acne related note, i'm in college in colorado, although I grew up in california. I also am very active and spend lots of time outside, which makes me a little worried about going on accutane because I don't need any more help getting sunburnt. i'm irish/ scottish/ welsh so i've got the stereotypical red hair, very very very fair skin, green eyes and i'm absolutely covered in freckles.

anyways, I just had my derm. appointment yesterday, did all of the blood work and pregnancy tests, and i'm so excited to start! 85% is a very tempting percentage for a drug to cure up these annoying spots. and i've been on these boards for ages doing research and you all seem so sweet and supportive! i'll get back to you guys when something new happens. (:

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good luck!! i'm on my 2nd month now and it does take a lot of patience..but hang in there!! we're all here for you if you have any questions! =D

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